An Emotional Journey Into The Sahara

About Maroc Voyage

My journey into the South of Morocco opened up a very small window onto the daily life, culture and magical land of the Berbers, while opening up a huge one onto the my own forgotten world.

It is so easy to forget where you come from, allowing the light to slowly fade out of your life.
Although it may sound surreal, its relatively easy to become a stranger in your own home, not only loosing  your home, but also loosing yourself in the process.

All you have to do is to give blindly, your love, your trust and everything you have to people that skillfully know how to hide their greed, envy and jealousy. To give and to share your sole with people that are able to fake love, illness, friendship, intelligence, culture and even parenthood in order to grab all they can from you. And when you uncover their scheme, when there is nothing left to steal, since there is never enough to satisfy and fulfill their endless needs, they put on another mask and run without any conscience onto the next target, onto another scam. However, talent and dignity can not be stolen. Their quest for perfection, for the white picket fence, becomes an endless journey into the lost and sad land of depravation, dishonesty, forgery, vanity and mediocrity.

The images from the Voyage are a symbolic expression of the contrasts encountered in a magical land, driven by my desire to recover what was stolen from me, starting from the very beginning: “Home”.
Sometimes dramatic and sometimes dreamlike, the imagery from my journey, is a reflection of childhood memories, peace,
harmony, friendship, freedom, beauty, love and details that compose life and humanity into a mirror shattered by lost time,
broken dreams and betrayals.

The Voyage has allowed me to collect and put back together almost seamlessly, the scattered pieces of what some define as an interesting life, others judge as a crazy life, what I simply call my life, my “Mektoub”.


In the land of opportunity, simplicity is seen as poverty, culture is a luxury, beauty is associated to wealth, which in turn fuels envy, selfishness, vanity, and true poverty.

Going to the Sahara Desert made me realize that the white picket fence is a purchased, embellished and fabricated illusion of happiness and accomplishment, a statement of arrogance, fake success, hypocrisy and monotony; a desert without oasis, where true humanism will never grow, and its soil will only continue to produce poverty, envy, loneliness and violence.

In the land of simplicity, flowers grow from rocks and sand, there is no need for a white picket fence.

The photographs in this blog  and in my book project VOYAGE, are the testimony of an intense voyage  through memory, time, emotions, healing, culture, beauty, simplicity, happiness and humanism.


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