An Emotional Journey Into The Sahara

About Daniel Malka

I grew up and attended school in Montreal. I obtained a Bsc. in Biochemistry from Concordia University and went on to complete a Masters degree in cell biology at Sherbrooke University.
My mother passed away in 1983 and my father in 1985, both at a young age.
I am Canadian on paper, Spanish at heart, and a wandering Nomad by definition.
I belong to the second generation of photographers in the Malka family.
While still studying, I shot for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, and various commercial clients.
I opened a studio in Montreal in 1983 and started working as a fashion and advertising photographer.
I collaborated and won awards with many Canadian magazines.
In 1989 I moved to Madrid and worked as a photographer shooting fashion, portraits and many awarded
advertising campaigns as well as working with publications such as Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle…
I moved back to Toronto in 1998, and worked successfully as an advertising photographer for clients locally and around the globe, as well as continuing to work on personal projects.
I am the proud father of a daughter; Luna, a most talented artist, photographer, musician and writer.
I am currently running creative photography workshops, traveling and writing a book on my views and my life as an advertising photographer as well as shooting more personal projects.
I love the sun, the desert, the ocean, people, travel, culture, art, music, cinema, literature, my friends, playing the guitar (badly), singing, barbecuing, life, coffee, chocolate and imagination (although its bad for me, or so they say, that is chocolate of course).
If I was to become a politician,  my views would lead  me to be minister of imagination.
I will always stand up for peace, justice, equality, a clean planet bathing in light, love and happiness.


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