An Emotional Journey Into The Sahara



© copyright 2011 daniel malka all rights reserved

Suddenly, my thoughts, body and feelings were submerged in a soft yet powerful wave of harmony and forgotten peacefulness.
The colors, light, the skies, the music, the drive, the mix of emotions and the feeling of belonging in a very foreign and forgotten place, became the perfect ingredients to create a state of absolute serenity and contemplation.
As I stood, observing and absorbing the timeless and otherworldly beauty of my surroundings, I was mirrored by these scenes of people simply standing there and contemplating as well.
We had reached the city of Ouarzazate, the door to the Sahara Desert, where one could be satisfied for a moment by stopping time and watching the scenery bathing itself in the light of a sunset or a sunrise.
I concluded that these figures observing peacefully the landscape, were driven by faith, peace, simplicity and their ability to take nothing for granted.
I want to thank them for helping me find the way out of my cave. Those of you who know me personally will
understand the meaning.
For everyone else, you can just pause for an instant and ask yourselves; how many days of our lives are spent in the chaotic land of absurdity waiting for life to happen while life is going by.


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